What most fail to ask is, “security essentials duh?”

Security Essentials vs What People Want

Tech Crunch | The End Of Blippy As We Know It 

So it turns out that almost nobody wants people to check out their purchases.  And also that just adding a social element to a feature isn’t enough to make it useful.  The lessons of user adoption are sometimes learned the hard way.

— What we failed to ask was, “Who cares?”

And then in April of last year Google Search results revealed that credit card numbers of a few Blippy users, and the resulting media spiral unsurprisingly caused a huge spike in Blippy traffic but tainted the service with an aura of mistrust. Despite Blippy’s sincere apology many rushed to delete their accounts.

— What most fail to ask is, “security duh?”

— The End Of Security As We Know It

…the real reason Blippy didn’t work: Sharing purchases with friends doesn’t solve a problem. Challenge: Try to figure out what problem Blippy solves, or for that matter what Ping solves or what competitor Swipely solved (“We don’t think people want to share their purchases period,” Swipely CEO Angus Davis told me after his service had pivoted, ”I don’t know how to be more emphatic than that. “)

All three went up against the number one rule in the startup ecosystem, “Make something that people want.” And lost.

Security Essentials 101


Are you renting storage in the cloud?

Security Breaches Reveal

Image with words -- Hou have been hacked! -- Security Essentials

  • Business contacts/trade secrets
  • Health Info
  • Credit card numbers
  • Personal info
    • name
    • address/location
    • phone numbers
    • social security numbers, passwords, access to contact info
  • Opt-in vs Opt-out
    • gov caved to special interest groups
  • PC and Phone apps

land line vs cell phones – a pending disaster



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