US Border Security Revisted

Image of US border fence - Border SecurityWhy isn’t Border Security a priority for us and why aren’t our US Borders secure and open to legal immigration? Why aren’t the borders secured by our Military Personnel? Why haven’t they finished the border fortifications authorized by Congress? (Despite President Obamas’s claim the border fence is completed.)

Our homes are locked for good reason. Government offices are locked to keep Wikileaks to a minimum. <snide> Our property has fencing. We have burglar alarms and security measures installed. We have CCTV and anti-intrusion devices in place. We monitor our credit activity for identity theft.

Our borders are unsecured. Our government is failing us. Again.

The Answer is Government has failed to keep us secure.Image of US Border Fence - Border Security


  • Secure the US borders, not close them.
  • Use Military Personnel to do it.
  • Finish the damn fence.

Jerusalem Post: July 2012

Growing number of countries flock to Israel to study construction of Egypt border fence;

Border between Israel, Egypt along Road 12

Border between Israel, Egypt along Road 12 Photo: REUTERS

A growing number of countries are flocking to Israel to study border security as the Defense Ministry works to complete the construction of a physical and technological barrier along the Egyptian border.

In August, a delegation from India will arrive to study the various technologies used by the IDF to secure the borders with the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Egypt, and which could be implemented as part of India’s own fence with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Did we mention? Border Security, Border Security


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